Most Effective Pesticide Tool for Bug Repellent Arsenal

Keep away the mosquitoes with these stickers and sprays.

The red blood is my own blood not for piercer and sucker bugs. 
The enigmatic and comparative advantage. 

In Modern life, we have been used to comforts: air conditioning, home delivery readymade foods in the morning, short clothing in fashion. 

However, venturing outside for walking or playing in certain areas like the public park or local greenery area in duskiness still runs a huge risk of bitten by alive mosquitoes. Some people are most susceptible to bites by mosquitoes or bugs although some sporty or hard workers too. It’s may cause of Mosquito Bite Allergies, Malaria Dengue Zika, etc..., If you're one of them or somebody whom you care and love, considering for bug/mosquitoes repellents I am sharing here the best, tried-and-true effective repellents. 

Garlic Barrier 2002 AG+ Liquid Spray
Oddly enough, Garlic keeps away the little bloodsuckers. Amazon

One of my best friends has a huge backyard in our house; He likes to show off grilling skills in weekend barbeques and pool parties. We enjoy every single party, as usual; he’ll sagaciously ask for everyone, has there anyone bitten by a mosquito? For which all guest will reply in a single word "no". His secret behind that: Liquid Concentrate of Garlic, an organic very strong liquid garlic extract which he sprays around the backyard every alternative week. It works surprisingly very well and effective long last. 

The USDA Wildlife Research Center evaluated and publishes a report on the effectiveness of garlic oil used as a repellent. Click here to read the publication.
Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen Max Formula Spray Pump 40 Percent DEET
Repel Insect Repellent Sportsmen Max Formula Spray Pump 40 Percent DEET

DEET has a scary reputation in slang bad rap, but it's still safe, especially if the comparative is risking Lyme disease, West Nile virus, malaria, or Zika. If you're spending time some of the causes in a particularly bugs/insect area, I am sure you will not regret to purchase this.

Amrita Bugs BeGone Synergy Essential Oil Blend
For those who are anti-DEET. Amazon 

For any causes, if you're really worried about use DEET, Another thing which you could try which is this essential oil blend, which I’ve also used earlier to fight off bugs? It is made of six different therapeutic grade essential oils: citronella, catnip, eucalyptus, peppermint, sweet lavender, and rosemary and aroma like sweet lemons. 

Just knead it on your face skin, wrists, and ankles, better if you can also mix some drops into a small spray bottle of water for a quick and easy spray.
Brellavi Mosquito Repellent Patches
DEET-free stickers to keep the bugs away. Amazon 

I will suggest also these anti-bug stickers which discovered to use outdoor while traveling in Asia. These are all-natural, looks cute, and effective up to 10-12 hours. These stickers are very helpful to keep away from almost the bugs and prevent you from piercing and sucking, even when it may be hiking area around very moist, lush or sloppy parts of the world.